Monday, December 6, 2010

Lefty Establishment Media Circling the Drain, News At 11

I'm sure this:
FAIRFAX Media CEO Brian McCarthy has been forced out of the top job after failing to sell his strategic plan at a recent investor day. ...
Mr McCarthy's departure comes almost two weeks after he presented the market with his five-year strategic plan for the newspaper, radio and digital group.
However, his presentation and management restructure received mixed reviews from analysts and fund managers.
has nothing at all to do with this:
“On all the key performance indicators – circulation, readership and revenue – The Age is performing poorly,” the report says. “From being in a strong commercial position five years ago it is now dangerously close to the tipping point, where it could potentially go out of business, leaving Melbourne as a one-newspaper town.” 
Most of Melbourne already is, if we’re talking about people who actually buy newspapers.
In unrelated news, News Corp doesn't seem to be doing nearly as badly. It's a puzzle alright.

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