Wednesday, November 2, 2011

Miscellaneous Joy

- A wonderful, rambling essay about crows as a metaphor for the working poor. There's plenty in The Exiled to disagree with (including, herein, gratuitous enjoyment about the Blackwater deaths at Fallujah), but they'll sometimes have these kinds of brilliant pieces that you're unlikely to read elsewhere.

-A great rant about how bad the websites are for Indian trains. Having been in the unfortunate position of having to once book railway tickets in India, I can attest to every word.

-Copyright troll who sued people for reproducing newspaper articles loses, big-time. Popehat has more on the background to this development.

-JWZ had this great post about how ridiculous Google's claimed 'support' for pseudonyms was, offering instead the following alternative policy:
Google's statement is obvious bullshit, and here's why. The way you "support" pseudonyms is as follows:
1. Stop deleting peoples' accounts when you suspect that the name they are using is not     their legal name.
2. There is no step 2.
Sure enough, they didn't take him up on the offer.

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