Wednesday, September 19, 2012

Point, Counterpoint


"I tried all in my power to avert this war. I saw it coming, and for twelve years I worked night and day to prevent it, but I could not. The North was mad and blind: It would not let us govern ourselves, and so the war came, and now it must go on till the last man of this government falls in his tracks, and his children seize the musket and fight our battle, unless you acknowledge our right to self government. We are not fighting for slavery. We are fighting for independence, and that, or extermination we will have."
Jefferson Davis, President of the Confederacy - 1864



  2. Ha. I'd seen the title, but not the preview.

    I'll grant you, it looks considerably less awful than the subject matter would suggest.

  3. Oh, apparently it's awful. So awful it's awesome.

    I'm sick of Spielberg trotting out the same orchestral overlay...if I squinted, its possible that I'm watching Saving Ryan's Privates.