Friday, November 19, 2010

A Story, A Joke, And A Hypothesis

The First:
Cape Town - The husband of murdered tourist Anni Dewani says she made the fatal decision to go into Gugulethu last Saturday night because she wanted to see the “real Africa”.   ...
According to The Sun, Anni was killed by a bullet which had severed an artery. She is also believed to have been sexually assaulted. ...
The couple were travelling in a shuttle car with a driver when they were stopped at traffic lights by two hijackers.
"The men kept saying, 'We are not going to hurt you. We just want the car'. That was a lie," Dewani told The Sun.
The attackers then dumped their driver and drove off with the couple.
He and Anni apparently begged their attackers to dump them together, but after about 20 minutes Shrien ended up being pushed out of the car.
Anni’s bloody body was later found in the car, which was in Khayelitsha.
I, for one, have zero desire to see the real Africa. I have a desire to see the fake South Africa before it's too late, but even that lessens by the day. The rest, zero desire at all, except for perhaps the few semi-functioning parts like Botswana.

The Second:

Q: What's the difference between Zimbabwe and South Africa?

A: Ten Years

(Funny, but not in this context)

The Third:

Shorting the rand against a trade-weighted basket of currencies will earn positive abnormal returns over the next ten years.

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