Saturday, November 20, 2010

Three Cheers for Ron Wyden!

I had not heard of Senator Ron Wyden, a Democrat from Oregon, before today. I am sure Ron Wyden and I would find much to disagree about in matters political.

But Ron Wyden receives the coveted Holmes seal of approval today, for threatening to put a block on legislation that would let the Attorney General take down websites for violating copyright without having to go through the messy process of proving in a court that they had actually, you know, violated any copyright.

Because nothing is more important than protecting record company profits. Certainly not the fifth amendment or anything.

Putting a block means that that it is difficult for the senate to pass the bill during the lame duck session of congress. You know, the period where guys like Russ Feingold get to keep deciding on legislation for another few months after the voters of Wisconsin kicked him out.

Meanwhile, these are the jokers that passed the bill out of the Senate Judiciary 19-0. Not one of them could find anything objectionable in it. If you find something objectionable about it, you should consider your vote accordingly. Except for Russ Feingold, as you can't vote him out twice. More's the pity, really.

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