Thursday, January 6, 2011

Rule of Law 1, Dirty Hippies 0

Via Hector Lopez comes the feel good story of the year:

THE cleaners arrived first - to hose away the filth beneath Clovelly beach's shanty town-on-wheels.

They were quickly followed yesterday by police and council rangers determined to evict a group of illegal campers who had set up their base at Clovelly beach.

In an operation stretching from Clovelly to Malabar, the inhabitants of 45 vans and stationwagons - about 100 backpackers - awoke at 6.30am to the rapping knuckles of council rangers and police to receive their marching orders.

Bwaa ha ha ha!!!

The only sad bit of the article is that it's not clear that any of the squatting backpacker pikies were actually served with the threatened $1100 fines.

There's so much I want to quote, but you should really just read the whole article.

In related news, when people ask me whether it bugs me that Perth is so isolated and far away from everything, I answer no.

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