Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Need advice on your poor decisions? Screw up spectacularly enough and the world will provide!

So I'm late to the party in having anything to say about the Schwarzenegger love-child affair. And I don't have much to say on it directly.

But it did make me think that it must be strange to be the subject of a sex scandal, and seeing every detail of your personal choices ridiculed, analysed and oogled at by the great and the good, the unwashed and the elites.

Most people immediately think of the horror of it all. And that's obviously true. On balance, I doubt anyone would want to go through it.

But to someone who's a thick-skinned narcissist (as most celebrities probably are) AND intellectually curious enough to wonder about what things they deceive themselves about (as most celebrities probably aren't), it would be most interesting to have all of the world's commentariat telling you what they thought of your personal decisions.

If I had Steve Sailer, Roissy in DC, Popehat and Ace of Spades, poring over all the choices I make in my life, it may not be pleasant, but I'd sure learn a lot.

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