Saturday, July 2, 2011

A short fictional dialogue I enjoyed

[Some dude]: Hey man, you should get a tattoo of an eagle on your shoulder / drink that bottle of vodka / [insert stupid $#** here]

[Shylock]: Sorry dude, no can do. I'm addicted to good decisions. I started making them, and it felt really good, and now I just can't stop. Seriously, you should try a hit of it.


  1. [Some dude]: Hey, man, let's drive at 120 mph in my dick-substitute of a car while significantly increasing the probability of killing ourselves and a bunch of toddlers!

    [Shylock]: Sure, dude.

    Hmm... We have a problem here, dude. I hope it is a simple behavioral inconsistency and not a Ted Haggard-type righteousness.

    It's all good. I'm pissed off because I have a tattoo of an eagle on my shoulder.

  2. Ha ha ha, outstanding! I can only claim the (admittedly very weak) defense that all good behavioral economists (professional or amateur) are generally just studying their own stupidity. That, and that the road was devoid of toddlers.

    In other news, the CDC recently downgraded good decisions from 'addictive' to merely 'habit-forming'. Stocks in liquor, gaming, fireworks and tobacco rose sharply on the announcement.