Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Oprah @#$%, Orange Juice Edition

It's almost axiomatic that one's own snobberies and differences in taste are crucial marks of aesthetic refinement, whereas everyone else's are trivial indications of an obsession with minutiae.

Until I came to this country, I had honestly never considered how much pulp was in my orange juice. I used to laugh at the sheer number of pulp options on offer, and settled on 'some pulp' based on the pointless heuristic that it was halfway between the two extremes.

Until, the other day, when I found myself at the supermarket the tiniest bit annoyed that there was a 'Calcium + Vitamin D' option for 'No Pulp' and 'Lots of Pulp', but not 'Some Pulp'. The ridiculousness of this, of course, is that if you gave me a glass of orange juice I probably wouldn't even notice the difference. Moreover, I estimate the health effects of the additional calcium and vitamin D to be roughly zero. I can't even remember which one I ended up buying, but remember feeling lame for caring at all in the first place.

Still, one thing I do miss - 25% and 35% fruit drinks. They still taste like juice, but just mega-sugary juice. This is clearly something that every civilised society should have. I'm going back to Oz in a few weeks, and this will be one of my first purchases when I arrive.

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