Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Vegas, Part 1 - Attractiveness Distributions

I spent the weekend in Vegas. A couple of posts on the subject will be forthcoming.

As a first pass, Vegas has a totally weird distribution of the attractiveness of people. The female hotness scale looks like this:
I was there with my friend DRFG. We were out at a trashy nightclub, and spent an amusing period trying to identify what percentage of the women in tiny dresses were hookers. We came to the conclusion of 'most of them'. Of course, the 'hookers' category has much fuzzier boundaries in Vegas too - the distinctions between 'bar staff', 'stripper' and 'prostitute' seems much more blurred when all the wait staff are wearing only g-strings, bras and random lacy things, and all of them flirting with the greasy choads who'd ordered bottle service.

I've never been to a place where female attractiveness was so commoditized. It's like everything is for sale, and the corollary is that nothing is for free.

By comparison, here's my estimate of the Vegas male attractiveness distribution:

There's nothing quite like being at a two Michelin star restaurant, and seeing two fat old business men at a table with three really attractive twenty-something [hookers].

It's a strange place alright.

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