Sunday, November 7, 2010

Science is Awesome

There's something really satisfying about seeing science applied rigourously to areas normally ruled only by rumour and superstition. It's what makes Mythbusters such a great show.

The Guys at Serious Eats do this as well, tackling recently the question of whether McDonalds hamburgers ever go moldy. Apparently they don't. Crazy stuff!

So we're on the 'Mythbusters - Confirmed!' level. But here's where the real science starts.

Is this happening (as is usually assumed by snooty health food losers) because of strange preservatives McDonalds is putting in? If so, are they in the patty or the bun, or both? Is it because of the salt level in the patty? Is it because of the size of the patty? Does it happen with other hamburgers as well?

Read on for yourselves and find out!

I came across them a while back when they had a similar experiment to figure out what made McDonald's fries so tasty.

I confer upon the folks at Serious Eats the Richard P. Feynman Award for scientific excellence in pursuit of cool and interesting everyday stuff.

Science - it's what makes your french fries awesome.

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